Sweat gland reduction

Exces­sive sweating can affect your life signi­fi­cantly. If sweat glands are stimu­lated uninten­tio­nally the result is sweating without physical efforts or heat, which can affect the lives of people in a negative way. Hands, armpits and face are affected the most. A sweat gland reduc­tion may help.


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Approx. 1 hour


General anesthetic

Hospital stay


Before the surgery

Shave armpits beforehand

After the surgery

Wear a special bandage for 1–2 days


indivi­du­ally depen­ding on the scope


fine, barely visible scars

Botulinum toxin therapy

Botulinum toxin therapy is used for facial wrinkle treat­ments and in exces­sive sweating treat­ments as well. Here the medicinal product is injected in precise doses into the sweating zone.

This release of the nervous neuro­trans­mitter in the affected area is inhibited and thus the over-stimulation of the sweat is then sedated. The skin is notice­ably and visibly dry and it gives you more security in public. This method can be indivi­du­ally adjusted your personal needs.


Treat­ment with botulinum toxin takes roughly about 15 minutes. Botulinum toxin injec­tions are only a small prick. Normal activi­ties, such as work and everyday life, can be performed immedia­tely after treatment.

After treat­ment

In order to achieve the best results, massa­ging or rubbing of treated areas should be avoided within the first 24 hours (taking a shower is possible).

Any swelling and redness at the injec­tion points disap­pear comple­tely within a few hours after treat­ment. You can notice a botulinum toxin success in 5 – 14 days.

Perma­nent treat­ment of exces­sive sweating by suction

Through suction using a water jet, the removal of tissue can be performed perfectly. With this method a big part of the sweat glands in the armpit are removed. The unplea­sant odor and exces­sive sweating will be a thing of the past. This proce­dure is also tax deduc­tible for some professions.


This minimally invasive surgery can be performed as an outpa­tient treat­ment and takes about 1–2 hours.  It can be performed under general anaes­thesia or local anaes­thesia. In order to get to the area of ​​opera­tion, two small incis­ions are required above and below the armpit. The sweat glands are then extra­cted via this access.

After the surgery

After the surgery, a pressure dressing is applied. Any swelling will disap­pear after a few days. Immedia­tely after the proce­dure, the armpits are dry.

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