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Your medical specialists MD Volker Rippmann and MD Christian Roessing treat you in modern clinics in Berlin and Cologne

Welcome at Metropolitan Aesthetics.
The Metropolitan Aesthetics clinics in Berlin and Cologne offer you the entire spectrum of plastic and aesthetic surgery. The experienced specialists MD Volker Rippmann and MD Christian Roessing have an excellent reputation as plastic surgeons and treat trustworthy and professionally. We provide all the services of plastic and aesthetic surgery, from breast enlargement to abdominoplasty. In advance we give you all the information you need and answer all your questions. Only if you absolutely feel comfortable and decided to engage with us, we will make an appointment for the procedure. Our professional staff take care of you from the initial consultation to follow-up. We look forward to seeing you!

We will advise you in detail in our offices in Berlin and Cologne!


  • Anti-Wrinkle Treatment at Metropolitan Aesthetics
    Anti-Wrinkle Treatment
    Anti-Wrinkle Treatment The aging process can decrease your skin’s elasticity. This may lead to noticeable wrinkles in the face. The muscles of facial expression are...
    Anti-Wrinkle Treatment
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  • Breastaugmentation at Metropolitan Aesthetics
    Breast Augmentation
    Breast Augmentation (Augmentation Mammoplasty) A woman’s self-esteem can be seriously influenced by the size and shape of her breasts. For this reason, it is easy...
    Breast Augmentation
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  • Breast Reduction at Metropolitan Aesthetics
    Breast Reduction
    Breast Reduction / Breast Lift (Mammary Reduction / Mastopexy) Pregnancy or age-related changes of tissue and skin can lead to sagging breasts. This process can...
    Breast Reduction
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  • Eyelid Lift at Metropolitan Aesthetics
    Eyelid Lift...
    Eyelid Lift (Blepharoplasty) A tired or older appearance may be due to an excessive upper eyelid, called the drooping or sagging eyelid. If there is...
    Eyelid Lift (Blepharoplasty)
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  • Facelift at Metropolitan Aesthetics
    Face-Lifting / Forehead-Lifting / Eyebrow-Lifting Frequent sun exposure, genetic predisposition, the skin aging process, and daily stress can cause, more or less, a loss of...
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  • Tummy Tuck at Metropolitan Aesthetics
    Tummy Tuck
    Tummy Tuck After a pregnancy or weight loss, the abdominal wall can hang. Due to this fact, a lot of women no longer dare go...
    Tummy Tuck
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Cosmetic Surgery in Berlin

At Metropolitan Aesthetics in Charlottenstraße 62, Berlin, we offer you the full range of plastic and aesthetic surgery. Selected specialists are available from preparation to aftercare. They make sure that you feel comfortable in an atmosphere of trust.

Plastic Surgery in Cologne

In Beethoven Str. 5 – 13, Cologne you will find our modern clinic, that offers you all the services of aesthetic and reconstructive surgery. Our medical doctors will accompany you on your way to the perfect chest or flat stomach.

Well-known in TV and Press

MD Volker Rippmann and MD Christian Roessing are reputed specialists and occur on a frequent basis on German TV shows. They are popular speaker at international congresses of plastic surgery where they regularly hold lectures.

Brustvergrößerung bei Metropolitan Aesthetics

Topic Of The Month: Breast Augmentation

Shape and size of the breast have a major impact
on the self-esteem of women.
Every woman wants to look in the mirror
and be happy with his own breast.
We offer you an individual breast augmentation
according to your personal needs and wishes.
Contact us and get professional advice.

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