Nose correc­tion (rhino­plasty)

The nose is a key perso­na­lity trait. Through a nose correc­tion (rhino­plasty) you can treat visible effects of outer and possibly inner nose defor­ma­tions such as hump, broad, and long nose or functional disor­ders such as nasal obstruction.


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How does a nose job work?

In many cases, the neces­sary changes in the bone and carti­lage frame­work can be performed through invisible cuts inside the nose. In excep­tional cases with major changes, a nearly invisible incision at the bridge of the nose is necessary.

In a detailed consul­ta­tion, the patient’s wishes and ideas are discussed thoroughly.

How long does a nose correc­tion take?

The opera­tion usually takes between 1–3 hours and is performed under general anaesthesia.

What do I have to take care of after a nose correction?

1–2 weeks after surgery a skin-coloured plastic splint must be worn. In some cases it may be neces­sary to wear a stabi­li­zing nose cast.

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