Face lifting / forehead lifting / eyebrow lifting

Frequent sun exposure, genetic predis­po­si­tion, the skin aging process, and daily stress can cause, more or less, a loss of elasti­city in the face and neck.

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Typical signs of facial aging are:

– Deep nasola­bial wrinkles
– Forma­tion of sagging cheeks
– Sunken cheeks
– Wrinkles on the neck

A visible impro­ve­ment of facial contours along with a younger looking appearance is achieved by correc­ting exces­sive skin and by tightening under­lying tissue layers.  The aim of this face-lift is that the signs of an opera­tion are not visible and the often mask-like appearances after face-lifting are finally over.

Diffe­rent surgical proce­dures depend on your facial contours. In some cases, a so-called mini face-lifting is suffi­cient to achieve beautiful results. Additional proce­dures are sometimes needed, such as forehead and eyebrows lifting, as well as eyelids correc­tions and other wrinkle treatments.

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Surgery takes about 3–4 hours and is performed under general anaesthesia.

After surgery

After surgery, a cotton bandage is applied for at least two days. Depen­ding on the healing process, another bandage may be required. Stitches are usually taken out after 7–10 days. After about 2 weeks there are no more surgery impacts noticeable.

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