Breast reduc­tion — your way to perfect breasts

Pregnancy or age-related changes of tissue and skin can lead to sagging breasts. This process can be reversed by breast reduc­tion or breast lift, there­fore incre­asing the quality of life and physical well-being of the patient.

The way to the breast that you perso­nally consider as being perfect does not have to be hard. Please find all the relevant infor­ma­tion surroun­ding a breast reduc­tion here:


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Appro­xe­m­ately 2–3 hours


General anesthetic

Hospital stay

Usually not required

Before the surgery

Sobriety before the day of surgery, no blood-thinning medication

After the surgery

Healing process approx. 4–6 weeks


Variable, depends on the cost of the inter­ven­tion and material


Scars are as unobtru­sive as possible

Why and when does a breast reduc­tion make sense?

Very heavy and large breasts often lead to neck and shoulder pain, to include heada­ches. Close and cutting bra straps can cause a tingling sensa­tion, which often end in postural abnor­ma­li­ties. The psycho­lo­gical stress that is triggered by personal appearance often leads to changes in psycho­so­cial behavior.

Thanks to many years of experi­ence in breast surgery we can offer you optimum solutions for any issue. The proce­dure is performed as scar-saving as possible.

Before the proce­dure, we will discuss and answer in detail all indivi­dual questions about breast size, breast shape, scars, feelings, and the ability to breastfeed.

How does the surgery of the breast reduc­tion work?

The actual opera­tion is performed under general anesthesia and takes about 2–3 hours. After about 14 days, the stitches can be removed. After surgery, we recom­mend the use of a compres­sion bra for about 6 weeks.

What do I have to be aware of after a breast reduction?


Every woman is diffe­rent and so is the healing process. After surgery, you should rest the first 1–2 days. During this time the breast are swollen and sensi­tive to touch. You can perform normal activi­ties after about 1 week. We recom­mend our patients to wear a special support bra after the opera­tion. This special bra supports the healing process and accele­rates recovery. You should wear this bra for about 6 weeks.

We offer free check-ups after 1, 7 and 14 days. Further check-ups are then performed once a year.

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