Breast augmentation – your way to perfect breasts

A woman’s self-esteem can be seriously influenced by the size and shape of her breasts. For this reason, it is easy to understand that women have the desire for bigger and beautiful breasts. Through the way of breast implants, enlargements or changes of form can be individually made​​ for each woman.

Implant selection is based on your personal preferences.


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ca. 1-2 hours


General anaesthesia

Hospital stay

Usually not required

Before the surgery

Sobriety before the day of surgery, no blood-thinning medication

After the surgery

Healing process approx. 4-6 weeks


variable, depends on the cost of the intervention and material


Slight scars

General information

In our clinics in Berlin and Cologne, we only use the newest generation of silicone implants manufactured by the world market leader and sealed with the European Quality Label. All sizes and shapes are available and our patients receive an individual implant passport, which contains the exact information about their particular implant. In order to determine the perfect size of the implant, the patient’s anatomical parameters are measured in an examination. In addition, we can simulate the new shape of the breast in the operating room before the final implant with the help of sample implants. This fine tuning is possible even during the operation.


Breast augmentation usually takes 1-2 hours and is performed under general anaesthesia. Shortly after waking up from anaesthesia you can already perform light activities.

Scar and Incision

You can select between three different positions of the incision. We will explain this to you in detail in the preliminary examination to help you make a decision.

Incision beneath the nipple complex (Periareolary)
Here, the scar is inconspicuous and barely visible at the edge of the nipple complex.

Incision in skin fold (Inframammary)
The scar is hidden in the skin fold underneath the breast.

Incision through the armpit (Transaxillary)
With this method the breast remains scar-free, but is not suitable for every woman.

Small scars thanks to special insertion technique

Thanks to the use of special instruments, we insert implants in the appropriate place and thus reduce scar size by almost half compared to classical augmentation. This fact and proper scar location makes it almost invisible.

Placement of Breast Implants

In breast augmentation, the implants can be placed underneath the breast muscle (sub muscular), or above the muscle and underneath the breast gland.

Underneath Breast Muscle

With this particular method, the implant is protected by the muscle and therefore hardly noticeable through skin. The hardening of scar tissue around the implant is significantly lower. Mammograms can be performed easier thanks to this type of placement.

Underneath Breast Gland

Using this method, the duration of the operation is shortened, as well as the healing time. This procedure is mainly performed with acute breast forms. Mammograms are slightly more difficult to perform.

After surgery

In the first 1-2 days after the operation, the patient should rest. The healing process is different for each woman. In this phase, it may occur that the breasts are sensitive to touch and swollen. After about a week, you can again perform normal activities. Furthermore, it is recommended to wear a support bra after the operation. This special bra helps accelerate the healing process and stabilises the breasts. You should wear this bra for about 6 weeks.

We offer free check-ups after 1, 7 and 14 days. Further check-ups are then performed once a year.

Breast augmentation with autologous fat

This new method of breast augmentation has currently been a hot topic in the media. Excellent research results have prompted us to add this new method to our services for a gentle extraction of fat cells through water-jet liposuction, the so-called breast lipostructure with autologous fat (BEAULI method).

After suction, the fat cells are rinsed with water and then collected in a sterile container. The fat cells are then transplanted with small syringes. This method is not only used in breast augmentation, but also in plastic surgery, for example after suffering from cancer or capsular fibrosis, which can occur with silicone implants. For women with small breasts who have the desire for breast augmentation, but who have an aversion to silicone, this method would be appropriate. Even people with fat distribution abnormalities, which means too much fat on the buttocks and the thighs and too little weight on the chest, are very well suited for this new method. Also an asymmetry of the breasts can be easily compensated for.

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