Plastic Surgery and Aesthetic Surgery offer many opportunities to improve your appearance and thus to underline your individuality and beauty. It is important to preserve your natural charisma and individuality.
Convince yourself of the broad spectrum of plastic and aesthetic surgery.

Spectrum of Aesthetic Surgery

Typical signs of aging, may they be congenital or acquired in the course of your life, can often be altered to your personal needs, thanks to aesthetic plastic surgery. Corrected “weak points” not only improves your appearance, it also leads to a better inner well-being and healthier self-esteem.

All the professional literature/information does not replace the comprehensive information you will receive in a personal consultation.

Whether and to what extent an anti-wrinkle treatment leads to your goal or a breast augmentation is performed, is a personal decision that should be based on a personal consultation and expert advice. As aesthetic surgery and plastic surgery is performed without medical necessity, it must be executed with the highest possible precision and competence.

Hand Surgery (Private Medical Surgery)

The versatile features of our hands are of enormous importance and indispensable in our daily lives. Minor injuries and diseases of the hand can lead to enormous complications.

The treatment of hand disorders and hand injuries require thorough and specific knowledge of the complex anatomical structures, specific surgical techniques, and years of experience. This is really important when treating injuries in which tendons, nerves and blood vessels are involved.

Our medical team carries the additional title “Hand Surgery” for over 8 years and is actively working in the field.