Liposuction for a perfectly shaped body. There are fat areas that can not be treated by specific diets or sports activities. These fat areas can be reduced by liposuction or completely removed. This will cause the entire silhouette to appear slim and harmonious. A detailed examination of the skin quality is necessary for a successful treatment.

Requested body areas are:

– Upper and lower abdomen
– Hips
– Outer thigh (saddlebags)
– Chin region

We offer our patients, in addition to traditional liposuction, the water-jet assisted method (WAL) also. This new operation procedure is easier and the need for pain medication is low, the treatment times are shorter and the ability to work is restored quickly. Swelling and bruising can barely be noticed after the procedure.


The duration of the operation is between 1-4 hours because it depends on the region to be extracted. At the patient’s request, the operation can be done both through local anesthesia and by a general anesthetic.

After Operation

After the operation, wearing a compression for a period of 4 – 6 weeks is highly recommended. In some cases after the operation, bruising and swelling will occur. During this time, the skin may be touch-sensitive. After two weeks, the stitches can be removed.

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