Hand Anti Aging

Hands can be treacherous. Even though the face and body might look young and fit through proper exercise and nutrition, the hands tell their true age. Within the years passing by, the subcutis fat slowly disappears. Muscles, bones and veins become more apparent and the hands look older.

Anti aging through fat transfer or laser treatment

Aesthetic and cosmetic surgery can help by injecting the own body fat. Usually the fat can be taken from the lower belly or the inner thights. Through a very thin cannula the body fat is injected under the skin of the hands.

Both medical specialists in our clinics Dr. med. Volker Rippmann and Dr. Christian Roessing are specialists in plastic and aesthetic surgery to include 9 years of training in hand surgery. This combination of specialists guarantees maximum patient safety. Aesthetic procedures for hand anti aging are often underestimated in terms of scope and risk.

Relevant terms:

Age marks: Laser, CryoPen, Microdermabrasion, specific chemical peels atrophy (skin, subcutaneous fat tissue): autologous fat treatment, fillers (Radiesse, Hyaluronic acid, Hyalsystem / ACP)

Deformation of the joints caused by arthritis:

Resection arthroplasty, implantation of prosthetic joint, functional and aesthetic treatment of rheumatoid hands.

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